Get Confident At Riding 

*Have you lost confidence when it comes to riding?

*Would you love to go for a hack but your mind tells you not to go?

*Or maybe there is a cross-pole set up in the school that you and your horse would love to jump but doubt comes to mind?

*The thought of riding on your own makes you not want to ride at all?

(1) Mindset- let’s find out why you doubt your ability to do something with your horse, why you feel you can’t maybe go for a hack or pop a jump

* we turn the negative into a positive

(2) A Plan- so we have done the mindset, found out why you feel negative but turned that round into a positive. But how can we make the positive happen?

* We make a plan on how to improve you as a rider -to help you feel more secure, which then leads to you feeling safe when riding and that then makes your mind think positive

* We help your horse- a plan to gain your horses confidence, which will then make you both trust each other - it’s a Team Effort

(3) Coaching- Putting it all into practice

* One-to-one coaching every week, every other week or arrangements to suit you and your horse, these one-to-one sessions will help you and your horse achieve your goals.

* Your coach will be on hand in person, phone, email and text, to talk you through whenever you feel doubt and to turn it into a positive.

(4) Success!!!

* By the end of the course you WILL have achieved what your mind tells you you, you can’t do...Remember, it’s never “I can’t”, “not sure” or “maybe”.....YOU WILL.

* Course layout 8 weeks (Time frame as a guideline, extra sessions may/or can be taken)

* Cost: £15per session (£120 in total, can be paid at each session individually)

* A coach on hand by phone, text and email for whole of course.

* Confidence Plan for both horse and Rider

* Sessions at Hopwell Equestrian or travel to own yards (If over 10miles travel charge applies)

* One to One Training

* Videos, pictures and email updates.

For more information or to book on the Course please call/text 07768065828

or email [email protected]